Scheme Solicitor

Heaney & Partners

Heaney & Partners is a specialist local government litigation firm with its offices in Auckland and is Riskpool's scheme solicitor.

There has been a great deal of litigation against councils since Riskpool's inception in 1997, but Riskpool's members have been well represented by the lawyers at Heaney & Partners. Heaney & Partners has considerable expertise and experience in all areas of law which impact upon territorial and regional authorities. This specialised firm of solicitors conducts litigation through the entire court system from district court to supreme court and in the Weathertight Homes Tribunal.

The firm's lawyers have been involved in most claims against councils for a long time and with this depth of experience which can be brought to bear, the firm is able to handle an extensive range of litigation on behalf of councils in a very economic fashion. Together with Riskpool, the firm actively promotes alternative dispute resolution and recognises the benefits of disposing of litigation at an early stage.

Heaney & Partners is always available to provide telephone advice to members on short notice. To contact the firm follow the link to

There are eight partners in the firm, all of whom are experienced in council related litigation. The firm has senior associates, associates and solicitors who can also assist you.

You can contact any one of the partners who will provide you with the advice you need or direct you to one of the associates or solicitors. Their contact details are to be found on the firm's website. There is no charge to members for brief telephone advice so do not hesitate to contact the firm.

Heaney & Partner's website provides information of interest to councils. Click on to be taken directly to the 'of interest' pages. Here you will find publications, decisions and other matters of interest.

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